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Running Health


Taking care of yourself is imperative to healthy running.  Below are some links with some information about how to fuel and care for your body as you log more miles and embrace new adventures.

Carbs are your friends.

No lie.  They really are fantastic.  Not only do they make you happy, but without them you run like junk.  Trust me, I've tried.  Also, you can't think clearly.  Prooven fact.  So eat those Fruit Loops and embrace the sugar!

Hills are fun!

I know they make you want to cry.  Your legs burn.  Your lungs feel like they're gonna bust.  But stop being a wimp and laugh through the pain.  Your running times will thank you later.

Why so fast?  Slow down and run longer.

Sure we all wish we were an olympian, but we're not.  If you slow down, enjoy the ride, and have a conversation with a friend you'll be able to go a lot further than you thought you could.  True story.

Penguins are runners, too.

Not everybody is gonna be Speedy Gonzales.  I mean, some people will.  Good for them.  But the Rogues don't laugh at the penguins.  We embrace the Penguins of the world because, slow as they are (ahem.... speaking from experience), they're still working hard.  We also like walkers, but only fast walkers.  

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